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Progressive fin dies

Over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of fin-die systems, make CMS as the best partner for these applications. The design of your fins is made with the utmost attention to detail, in order to ensure efficiency and performance of the heat exchanger. The modular fin-die are coupled to the PRM presses series and stand out for the independent sections with columns, which ensure easy maintenance and fast set-up. The compact fin-die are coupled to the PRX press series and stand out for their dimensional compactness and high production capacity. Every detail is made according to the highest quality standards for precision, heat treatment and surface of materials.

The combined solutions, allow to produce with a fast set-up, more diameters of the collar with the same fin-die. At the same time, special fixings to the press, allow to change the fin-die very quickly in order to have more geometries available on the same press. The fins materials range are aluminum, aluminum-magnesium, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel fins, even with different surface treatments.