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Straightening-cutting machines and hairpin bending machines

CMS offers an innovative line of machines for the processing of exchanger tubes which includes our straight tube cutoff machines and hairpin bending machines. As we are always focused on meeting the most demanding needs, we offer these machines to produce straight tubes or hairpins based on the size and characteristics of the heat exchangers to be manufactured. The process includes straightening, calibration and cutting for tube straightening-cutting machines, while for the hairpin bending machines the bending step is added. In order to offer the widest range of capabilities, our machines are equipped with the appropriate tools for a complete range of diameters and thicknesses of the tubes; regardless of material - copper or its alloys, aluminum, carbon steels and stainless steels. To allow an easy and quick mounting of the tubes during the manufacture of the heat exchanger, we take a deep design consideration with cutting precision and shape, accuracy and repeatability of the length; especially when hairpins are produced.

To offer more customized solutions, the tube straightening-cutting machines can be integrated with the tube end-forming or bending units, while the hairpin bending machines can be accompanied by accessories such as perimeter safety protections, infrared barriers, hairpin automatic unloading devices, etc.