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Reliability and precision in flight: OCTA Group, the trusted partner for tube machining in the aerospace industry

The aerospace sector demands uncompromising precision and reliability, considering the critical importance of the components used in aircraft. In this context, OCTA Group positions itself as the trusted partner of leading aircraft manufacturers, offering highly customised tube bending machines, tube forming machines and integrated solutions.

Our long experience in the industry has enabled us to fully understand the specific requirements of tube processing in the aerospace field, where safety and strength are paramount. Our machines, characterised by millimetre precision and robust construction, are designed to cope with the most extreme stresses, guaranteeing the quality and durability of tubes used in aircraft.

In addition to the machines, we offer customised add-ons that meet the unique needs of our aerospace customers. Our Full-Electric technology helps to ensure not only precision and repeatability but also environmental sustainability, an increasingly important aspect in today's industrial landscape.

Our mission is to provide advanced solutions that exceed expectations and contribute to the success of aerospace projects, while maintaining the reliability and precision that are central to this high-tech industry.

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