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Integrated Work Cells: efficiency, flexibility and productivity in a single turnkey solution

Integrated work cells offer an advanced and efficient technological solution to meet the production needs of the most diverse industrial sectors.

Thanks to the combination of different technologies and processes in a single system, these plants are able to increase efficiency, productivity and production flexibility, optimizing cycle times and minimizing waste.

OCTA Group, thanks to the expertise of its companies, offers customized technological solutions, combining and integrating catalog technologies and developing new solutions based on the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing

Improved product quality

Integrated work cells minimize errors and improve the quality of finished products, thanks to integrated automation and quality control.

Increased efficiency

Workflow optimization and reduced downtime lead to a significant reduction in production costs.


Integrated work cells can be easily adapted to new products or variants, allowing companies to respond quickly to changing market demands.

Improved traceability

Integrated monitoring and control systems can provide real-time data on production, facilitating product traceability and process analysis.

Customized solutions

Integrated work cells can be designed and configured to meet the specific needs of each customer. Based on the type of processing, production volume and budget available, it is possible to choose the most suitable technologies and components.

Customer focus

The customer is at the center of every integrated work cell. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer and to help them achieve their business goals.

Application examples

HVACR component production

The main stakeholders in the sector choose OCTA Group companies for the realization of automated cells for the processing of tubes and profiles, finned packs, heat exchangers and all components related to the heating and conditioning sector, both civil and industrial.

In synergy with our customers, we have patented solutions for the production of coils and heat exchangers. In the air conditioning sector, where the use of lightweight materials with thin thicknesses is increasingly widespread, we have created integrated solutions with the use of anthropomorphic robots and automated unloading.

Even for those with space problems.

Automotive component production

The automotive industry presents an enormous variety of metal tubes present on a large scale on all the main systems that make up each individual vehicle.

Power supply, steering, brakes, hydraulic system, air conditioning, engine and exhaust systems - but not only - are equipped with tubes of various materials, thicknesses and diameters, as well as hybrid and extra-long tubes with rubber couplings.

For the production of each of these tubes, OCTA Group has studied and implemented integrated processing systems capable of guaranteeing maximum process capacity and maximum reliability. Loading, unloading, bending, shaping, punching, in-cycle part control, marking, washing, cutting, are just some of the possible integrations applicable to production batches with high numbers and very tight tolerances.

This is why the main players in the automotive world rely on us to create turnkey automated systems.

Other applications

A team of experts works in constant synergy with customers to develop technologies that meet the specific needs of the end user. This allows us to study and patent increasingly advanced solutions that constantly increase our know-how.

All OCTA Group machines are designed for integration into work cells, we are able to integrate any type of robot and to study loading, unloading, control, marking, cutting systems and much more starting from specific production requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how integrated work cells can help you improve your production efficiency and your competitiveness on the market.

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