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ToBee: our apiary

Protecting biodiversity is a priority for the our company, which has chosen to take concrete actions in this area.

A company apiary to safeguard bees

The installation of an apiary in one of OCTA Group's production sites is a tangible example of the company's active involvement in protecting these pollinating insects.

The vital role of bees for humans

Humans depend on bees for food: without them, we would no longer have dairy products, vegetables, many varieties of fruit and flowers.

In addition to protecting the environment, OCTA Group is committed to creating socially shared values. The company organizes workshops for employees, where beekeeping and honey extraction activities are illustrated, with the aim of spreading knowledge and love for these precious insects.

Beekeeping contributes to the pollination of 70% of cultivated plants, favouring the production of healthy and nutritious food and preserving the biodiversity of the planet. forget that 70% of cultivated plants depend on bees.

The honey produced by the company apiary is a concrete symbol of OCTA Group's commitment to sustainability.

A jar of zero-kilometer honey, the result of the work of the bees and the care of the company, is a precious gift that the company wishes to share with everyone.

OCTA Group: together for a more sustainable future.

OCTA Group's commitment to protecting biodiversity and spreading a culture of sustainability is an important step towards a more responsible and safe future for all.